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Endless Macarena + Custom Message

Endless Macarena + Custom Message

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We pull the tab and ship directly to your recipient! It will loop the Macarena song until the battery dies once they open it.


  • The card will loop music for at least 3 hours
  • We can write a hand-written message if you want*
  • There is glitter (large glitter) inside if they break the card. 

*All shipments are anonymous if you don't share your name in the message*


Want to send to yourself?

That way you can sign and deliver it yourself.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6410 reviews
Jeri Ferko

Card was great! Drove my parents crazy then boom, glitter. They actually loved it! Funny and fun card idea.

Aubrey Iacobelli
I loved mom’s reaction

Bought this card twice for my mom, and my sister secretly recorded the reaction both times. I loved her frustrated giggling with being unable to turn the card off. Well worth the purchase!

Mya Wilson

The people I got them for liked them!

Kristin Z
Hilarious- My mum Loved it

First, I do echo the company's suggestion to place the card in a padded envelope perhaps if you're mailing it. I did NOT and the card was delayed for some reason and arrived to my mum with marks on it that suggest a machining error. But, the card was fine.

My mum LOVED the card. It was hilarious. The speaker is surprisingly loud which makes it even funnier because the card could be heard from inside of a dresser drawer in a different room, with the door closed. Plus, it lasted at least four hours. 100% would buy again.


The envelope ( I thought I ordered 2 but only ended up getting one) completely didn’t work. Nothing came out at all. One of the cards was really quite and glitter didn’t come out when they opened them to stop the sound. Overall very disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    We hand-wite a message and it is anonymous unless you write your name.
    *We do not ship any notes that may be construed as harmful*

  • "Forever Gifts"

    At Ship Joker all products are meant to ship to someone else. The return address is "Forever Gifts" not Ship Joker or Joker Greeting.