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Endless Thank You For Being a Friend + Custom Message

Endless Thank You For Being a Friend + Custom Message

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Plays Thank You For Being a Friend nonstop until the battery dies. 

We pull the tab and ship directly to your recipient! It will loop the Macarena song until the battery dies once they open it.


  • The card will loop music for at least 3 hours
  • We can write a hand-written message if you want*
  • There is glitter (large glitter) inside if they break the card. 

*All shipments are anonymous if you don't share your name in the message*


Want to send to yourself?

That way you can sign and deliver it yourself.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6308 reviews

It was a great prank

David Smith
A Prank to Remember: How 77 Joker Greeting Cards Made My April Fools' Epic

Absolutely brilliant! This year’s April Fools’ prank at my workplace, featuring Easter cards from Joker Greeting, was a spectacular success—even though I orchestrated it from afar! Purchasing 77 of these ingeniously designed singing, glitter-bomb cards, I planned the perfect post-April Fools' Day surprise, coinciding seamlessly with Easter Monday.

As someone known for my annual pranks, I upped the ante while using three weeks of PTO in another state. My colleagues, accustomed to my jests yet unsuspecting due to my absence, were perfectly poised for what came next. Thanks to a trusted accomplice who discreetly placed the cards in each staff member’s inbox, the stage was set for a day of continuous laughter and surprises.

Feedback from my team described scenes of hilarious chaos as cards were opened throughout the day, filling our administration building with unending music and bursts of glitter. Some cards met their fate by being torn apart in a desperate attempt to stop the relentless singing, with one memorable instance occurring in a staffer’s car—much to their (and their wife’s) chagrin.

Every single one of the 77 cards functioned perfectly, dispelling any concerns about reliability I had after reading reviews of occasional malfunctions. This year’s joke not only left behind traces of glitter but also unforgettable memories of joy and lighthearted mischief.

For anyone looking to craft a memorable prank that’s both creative and harmless, I wholeheartedly recommend Joker Greeting. Their products reliably deliver joy, surprise, and plenty of laughter. Explore the offerings on the "Joker Greeting" website—you won’t be disappointed!

Hello! Thanks for reaching out and i'm happy to hear that 77 Easter cards were playing at the same day for all to enjoy! This was a gregorian chant for the ages.

Mikhail Nemilov

Endless NSFW Moaning Congrats Card With Glitter

Leah Priest

Endless Barking Birthday with Glitter

roman, debbie
Way Too Funny

What a great way to have family and friends laughing as they open these cards!! Very Creative and Fun!!

  • Anonymous

    We hand-wite a message and it is anonymous unless you write your name.
    *We do not ship any notes that may be construed as harmful*

  • "Forever Gifts"

    At Ship Joker all products are meant to ship to someone else. The return address is "Forever Gifts" not Ship Joker or Joker Greeting.