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Endless Halloween + Gift Note

Endless Halloween + Gift Note

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Liven up your Halloween with Endless Halloween + Pull Surprise! This Halloween card loops for at least 3 hours, with a delightful surprise of glitter and stickers when you pull the tab on the bottom. Have loads of fun and enjoy the surprise with Endless Halloween + Pull Surprise.

  • Loops at least 3 Hours, guaranteed or money back
  • We will sign and remove the tab for you
  • The pull strip on the bottom will reveal fun glitter and sticker; but the music keeps going.

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That way you can sign and deliver it yourself.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6583 reviews

Awesome card to get a few laughs out of dad.


Absolutely awesome! Speedy delivery.

Christina DeNoto
Didn’t work well

Gave to my dad for Father’s Day. He was trying to preserve the card so he didn’t rip it open just ripped out the speaker. The glitter did not open with the damage.

Chris Dettmann
Battery was dead

Battery was dead


Sorry to hear the card didn’t work out. Unfortunately, defects will happen and we try to mitigate this with our own tests. We are proud that defects remains under 1%.

We stand by our product and service and simply offer two options:
1. We send you a refund, that is it.
2. We send you a new card for free but you pick which one…since you likely don’t need the same one.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and understand your frustration

Great Product

We gave my Dad a card for Father’s Day and it went exactly the way we had hoped! Card worked great and provided a lot of laughs.

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