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Endless NSFW Moaning + Gift Note

Endless NSFW Moaning + Gift Note

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Plays a NSFW (NOT safe for work) Sound of girl moaning when you press play. This is not for kids. 

We remove the tab and ship directly to your friend. It will loop nontsop when they open it. 

This youtube video is from When Harry Met Sally Diner scene. If you know it you know it. 

Want to send to yourself?

That way you can sign and deliver it yourself.

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Customer Reviews

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Paul M.
Greatest Card Ever Purchased!!! 10/10

Hi JokerGreeting,

My name is Paul. I recently bought one of your cards as a joke for my father’s birthday. He opened it on June 29th, and here we are on July 21st, and it’s still going strong! “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley has been playing almost non-stop for two weeks now.

I’m not sure what kind of battery you use inside the card or what the expected battery life is, but I’m impressed. Despite the card stopping when it’s closed after a long time, it has provided constant entertainment. It’s an amazing product, and I just had to share my positive feedback. It was definitely worth the purchase, and I’d happily probably buy another one in the future!

Thanks again! 😂

Dr james Driscoll

Please make more and different cards available

Michelle Scarbrough
Great! But stoppable

Easy to use. Sent to my sister for her birthday. She loved it and said it might be broken because it wouldn't stop playing lol! 😉 But then said her husband PUNCHED the card and got it to stop. Bummer. So every time it's opened they punch it lol. She almost tore into it, but we wrote a message that she didn't want ruined.
So my tip is definitely withhold from over writing on the card. Maybe add a paper note inside if it's more than happy bday.


Never received my order

Ann Etheridge
Do it! Buy them!

Great quality and sort fun!

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    *We do not ship any notes that may be construed as harmful*

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