Top Ten Things To Write For April Fools

Top Ten Things To Write For April Fools

Here at Joker Greeting, we’re all about delivering torment in the most convenient way possible.

That’s why we’ll ship our neverending greeting cards for you to the address of your choosing. Our prank musical greeting cards ship anonymously, so your victims will never know whom to blame and you can quietly live your life as a normal person who secretly sends funny greeting cards and gets away with it like a boss.

And in the spirit of April Fools Day, we’ve rounded up a list of ten things to write in your card: 

  1. I couldn’t afford a gift card.
  2. Almost as big a joke as our current president.
  3. Better than snakes in a box.
  4. This is the only card you’re getting this year, so I’m making it last.
  5. I’m pregnant! Press play to hear the whole story.
  6. Since I’m no longer legally allowed within 50 feet of your house, this will have to do.
  7. Don’t worry: it’ll end eventually. Like my child support checks.
  8. It feels much longer than it is. But I bet you get that a lot.
  9. Still better than Beyoncé.
  10. This should help distract you from that rash.

So get April Foolin' already. 

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Travis Peterson

co-founder of Joker Greeting

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